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Corporate Solutions

At Sharjah Islamic Bank, we aim:
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Excel in delivering the most pertinent and practical corporate banking solutions to our valued customers in line with Sharia’a Principles.


To be leaders in Islamic Financing products for corporate entities by offering general and tailor made products, by multiplying the business in line with Sharia’a principles to a wider spectrum of corporate entities and through the experienced employees who offer the best of quality services to the customers. One of the most unique and vibrant in the world, the corporate environment in the UAE, is dramatically evolving and witnessing significant growth and innovation. With businesses embedded in complex and changing environmental context, SIB aims to provide Sharia’a compliant financing solutions with a strong focus on customer needs driven by specialized industry insights, technological innovation and the highest commitment to service quality.

With over 30 years of experience in a dynamic market, SIB offers a comprehensive suite of products and services geared to meet the demand and challenges of the corporate sector.

Our areas of expertise include:
Understanding of customer’s businesses and maintaining excellent rapport with them for smooth and steady relationship
In-depth knowledge of varied industry sectors in the UAE
Innovative solutions covering corporate finance, real-estate, investment banking, project finance, trade and commodity finance, capital and debt market products, treasury products, and international banking services

Also, the bank's business relationships go beyond merely offering products. At SIB, our vision is to partner with our customer to help identify areas for growth and efficiency while suggesting practical, cost-effective ways to take advantage of the opportunities that arise.

Ijarah (Asset Rental)

Ijarah means Rent. Specifically it is the purchase of assets on the promise of leasing by the customer for an agreed period at Fixed and Variable rents to be paid over an agreed period.

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Istisna'a (Contracting)

Istisna'a is a sales contract of specified items to be manufactured or constructed with an obligation on the part of the manufacturer or builder (contractor) to deliver them to the customer upon completion.

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Murabaha (Pre-agreed Profit)

'Murabaha', Sharia'a compliant, refers to commercial transactions that involve the purchase and sale of goods with an added profit margin or mark-up either in the form of a fixed lump sum or based on percentage of initial cost. It means 'sale'.

Murabaha is a sale contract for selling a specified item at a mutually agreed mark-up (profit) added to the purchase price.

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Musharka (Partnership)

Musharaka is partnership in which SIB participates in financing new or existing projects and shares the capital and returns. Alternatively, the bank may contribute to the ownership of specified assets on a permanent or a non-permanent basis provided that the profit is shared in accordance with an agreement between the bank and the customer.

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