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Make banking simple: check balances, pay bills or transfer money almost anytime, anywhere with our e-Channel services

  • Remit to Pakistan
  • Remit to India

Online and Mobile Banking... ON THE GO

Enjoy the seamless banking experience ON THE GO with SIB Online & Mobile Banking. A few easy steps to perform all your transactions anywhere, anytime.


Internet Banking

  • Visit
  • Choose Online Banking
  • Login to Retail Account
  • Choose New User
  • Enter registration details (Card or Account Number / Verification code)
  • Agree Terms and Condition
  • Enter SMS OTP
  • Create User ID & Password

Mobile Banking

  • Download SIB Digital available on App StoreGoogle PlayGalaxy Store, and AppGallery
  • Click Register 
  • Select and enter Card / Account number
  • Enter Card PIN/TPIN
  • Enter SMS OTP
  • Create User ID & Password
  • Agree Terms and Condition


  • Set up an auto payment of the exact amount of your bill Water and electricity bill payments (SEWA, DEWA, FEWA)
  • Telecommunication bill payment (Etisalat, Du)
  • SALIK recharge, university fees payment


  • Immediate account to account fund transfer
  • Fund transfer anywhere around the world
  • Set up a standing instructions


  • Pay any credit card with other banks
  • Auto credit card payment setup
  • Prepaid card reload
  • Credit Card statement (print, email or download)
  • Within SIB Credit card payment with auto payment feature
  • Payment history and tracking
  • Activate / Block Credit Cards instantly
  • Auto Debit Percentage change request
  • Limit increase request
  • Credit card Re-Issuance Application


  • View accounts, finances, deposits details
  • Advance salary “Tayseer” request
  • Cheque book request
  • Certificate request
  • View cheque images (inward & outward)
  • Donation (Zakat , Sadqat)
  • University fees payment
  • Air Arabia tickets payment 

Enter the world of Online Banking visit or download SIB Digital now.

Always be sure:

The Bank will never send such e-mails that ask for confidential information like account information, credit / debit card details, pins or internet banking details.
The Bank will never send you an email asking you to verify your secure online banking details.
Genuine emails from us never contain links for product information, application forms or to the online banking sign in page.

Required Documents

Original passport & UAE National ID
Valid UAE residence visa for expatriates

Access your account even more quickly with our convenient & secure Phone Banking...


With friendly advisers to help you 24/7, our telephone banking service is just like having a branch at the end of the phone.


Just call us on 06-5999999 anytime.

Call us on 06-5999999, 24 hours serving you.

IVR Registration:

  1. Contact our Call Center on 06-5999999
  2. Choose a language (Arabic – English)
  3. Press "1" for account information
  4. Insert your Debit / Credit Card number followed by # key
  5. Follow phone banking service guidance
Balance information for accounts, credit cards and finances
Account transactions history
Statement by fax
Account to account transfer
Utility bill payment (SEWA, DEWA, Etisalat and more)
Zakat & Sadaka payments
Information about our products and services
SIB branches & ATM locations
Profit and exchange rates information
Update personal information
Sharjah Islamic SMS Service registration.
Card activation and deactivation
Report damaged, lost and stolen cards

Push SMS (Auto Notification)

Account Balance Notification
Large withdrawal/Debit Notification
Large deposit/Credit Notification
ATM/VISA Card Ready Notification
Credit/Prepaid Card Ready Notification
Cheque Book Ready Notification
Cheque Return Notification
Inward Remittances
Outward Remittances
Salary Credit
Purchase Transactions
ATM Transactions
Overdue Notifications
Utility Bill Payments transactions
Credit Card Payments
IB Debit Transactions
IB Credit Transactions
IVR Debit/Credit transactions
Fixed Deposit Notifications
Payment Due Reminders
Passport Expiry Reminders
Residence Visa Expiry Reminders
National ID Expiry Reminders
Authorized Card Transactions
Declined Card Transactions
Credit Card Payment Received
Credit card Minimum amount due Reminders
Credit Card Overdue amount reminders
Telephone PIN Creation
ATM PIN Creation
Telephone PIN Reset

SIB offers the SMS Service as you can now check your financial transactions through SMS and receive an automatic notification of account activity 24/7.

How do I get the service?!

Don't panic! For applying to the SMS Service, contact our call center or visit your nearest branch to receive your activation key.

Once you receive the activation key as SMS message, activate your account by sending the activation number to customers pull messages to be sent to 6666; AK to activate SMS service.

Got it!

Pull SMS service codes:

Code Service Text to be sent
LM To change the language mode To receive SMS in Arabic: LMA To receive SMS in English: LMEe
AB Account balance AB(13 digits Account Number)
AS Account Summary AS
LF Last five transactions LF(13 digits Account Number)
VB Visa card balance VB
FD Fixed deposit details FD
DI Murabaha/Ijarah/ installments DI
SO Standing orders SO(13 digits Account Number)
BO Balance orders BO(13 digits Account Number)
EX Exchange Rate SO(13 digits Account Number)
IBAN IBAN code BO(13 digits Account Number)
OPTIN Opt-in for marketing companies OPTIN
OPTOUT Opt-out for marketing companies OPTOUT


Services & Charges

Original passport & UAE National ID
Valid UAE residence visa for expatriates


We are working towards creating a paperless world. Therefore, SIB began sending bank statements via email. You can now receive your E-statements for free and enjoy great benefits:

Great security as you will be able to view your E-statements through your personal email.
Easy access to your previous E-statements
Fast delivery via email so you don’t have to wait for your physical mail to be delivered to your P. O. Box

Call us on 06-5999999, 24 hours serving you.

Or fill out and sign the attached form and drop it at your nearest SIB branch.

E-Statement Application Form

You can also receive your statement through your Online Banking Account or our call center whenever required.

Required Documents

Original passport & UAE National ID
Valid UAE residence visa for expatriates



Why wait in long ques? There are so many ways to pay your bills from Sharjah Islamic Bank...


Enjoy the convenience of paying all your utility bills anytime, anywhere your Online Banking account, Phone Banking Service (IVR) or any of our ATM machines spread around the UAE.

You can e-pay your following bills:

Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority (SEWA)
Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA)

Call us on 06-5999999, 24 hours serving you.

How do I pay my bills?!

Relax and take the pleasure of paying your utility bills through your Online Banking Account, Phone Banking Service (IVR) or any of our ATM machines spread around the UAE.

Standing in front of the ATM, you should:


Towards our continuous efforts in providing the best banking services, it is our pleasure to present the e-payment facility for utility bills payments.

You can e-pay your following bills:

Insert your SIB Debit Card or SIB Credit Card
Select language & input your 4 digit PIN code
Select Other Service option
Select Bill Payment option

You can pay:

Your Water & Electricity Bill
Your Telecommunication
Etisalat Land Line
Internet Dial Up
Al Shamil ADSL
Wasel Recharge/Renewal

ATM Cash & Cheque Deposit

Are you trying to Deposit cash or a cheque in your account? SIB made it easier by the wide range of ATM cash & cheque deposit feature. The main purpose of it is rectifying the banking significance throughout the UAE. Visit any of our ATM machine located in these places, and have your transaction done!

Call us on 06-5999999, 24 hours serving you.

Sharjah Main
King Faisal Branch
Saif Zone Branch
Mega Mall Branch
Industrial Branch
Buhaira Branch
Wasit Branch
Sharjah American University Branch
Al Hamriya Branch
Al Dhaid Branch
Khorfakan Branch
Kalba Branch
Dubai Main Branch
Tawar Branch
Abu Dhabi Branch
Al Ain Branch